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Fun88 register Login the site online casino betting is legal. And has been certified by the Association of Gambling (GA) and Greaves Fun88 also supports the English football team in the Premier League too.
Fun88 is a website that is easy to use and convenient tool for people with Thailand and the Thailand staff are available 24 hours a day, and you can withdraw money from a bank account in Thailand directly.
Charge of the Fun88 betting site online casino promotions and bonuses are an attractive way Fun88 often presented to clients and members frequently. Various activities including party and also the introduction to Point Rewards accumulation of various Fun88 provided for it.
To sign up and start betting online with Fun88 can click the banner below to sign up and bet the Fun88 immediately.




First. Clicking the banner above or click the Fun88
Two. Pressing up on the word Register



Three. Fill in the application. Emphasizing that  name – name used must be the truth. Back and to the bank account

4. Accepted logged in and then try it.
Deposit method.
The deposit Nextel Payne 1. Login menu bar on the top, click [Deposit] 2. Choose [Deposit] from the top menu and click “Fast Baht” 3. Complete number. amount you wish to deposit. Deposit a minimum of £ 250, then click on “Deposit”.







By clicking “Confirm”, the funds will be deposited into your account within 2-20 minutes Fun88.
To ensure that the money has been sent to your real account Fun88 You can check the amount is deducted from the account PAYSBUY be another way. By checking the transaction history from PAYSBUY.
How to withdraw.
Login to the withdrawal of a button Fun88 Local Bank Transfer it to the customer’s account number filled up.
Minimum withdrawal of £ 500 on account name must match the name that you register feel free.
Note ** ** withdrawals before 9 o’clock at Thailand. Will be paid no later than 1 pm on the same day if you withdraw after nine o’clock in the morning will be another one the next day on public holidays. Or Saturday and Sunday, you can withdraw it every day.
How to withdraw money from Fun88.
Can be withdrawn in three banks.
– Bangkok Bank.
– Bank of Commerce Thailand.
– Bank of Thailand.

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